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Wisdom Teeth/Eights are the so called synonyms for the last teeth present in the upper and lower jaw in humans.

They are not necessarily present in all individuals.

What is in the name?

Wisdom teeth are so called by the name for the sole reason that they usually tend to erupt in early adulthood. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with your “Wisdom”

Human beings evolved over the centures getting more and more refined in their food and lifestyle.

Processed food overtook the Raw food, hence, wisdom teeth or the last teeth weren’t required to serve the function  of chewing to that extent. Also, over the centuries the size of the jaws are getting smaller which can easily accommodate 28 teeth but not the wisdom teeth in all the people.

This is the reason why, they don’t find enough space to erupt in the mouth and in some patients they are even inherently absent.  


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Impacted Wisdom Teeth might either be:


Partially Erupted

The tooth is impacted such a way that is partially erupted in the oral cavity and partially in the bone


Horizontally Impacted

Wisdom tooth is lying horizontally within the bone


Vertically Impacted

Wisdom tooth is vertically impacted within the bone. This may/may not have chances of eruption


Angular Impacted

The wisdom tooth is impacted in an angular fashion impinging on the adjacent tooth. This kind of may impaction may damage the adjacent teeth as well.

If you ever experienced any of the above symptoms?Get Yourself checked for any possible wisdom tooth abnormalities NOW.

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Hence, when they try to erupt they cause:

  • Inflammation of the surrounding gums.
  • If they have inadequate space to erupt or are mal-positioned they tend to damage the adjacent tooth and the surrounding structures.
  • Sometimes when they are completely embedded within the bone, they might even tend to form Cysts.
Therefore, it becomes necessary to remove them at a proper time to maintain oral health and harmony.

Symptoms indicating Wisdom Tooth removal

  • Food lodgement behind last erupted tooth
  • Pain and reduced mouth opening with erupting third molars
  • Biting on gums over the third molars
  • Bad breath, pus discharge from gums adjacent to last teeth in arch
  • Intermittent tooth pain radiating to adjacent head and neck structures
Therefore, it becomes necessary to remove them at a proper time to maintain oral health and harmony.
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