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Tongue Ties in Children

  What is a Tongue Tie   Untreated Tongue Ties/Lip Ties Adult Symptoms ⦁ Mouth Breathing ⦁ Heavy/Loud breathing while asleep ⦁ Sleep Apnea ⦁

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Tongue Ties in Adults

When a child grows, the initial symptoms of Tongue Tie may change its Form but never really disappear. As an Airway Dentist and Myofunctional Therapist,

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AIRWAY DENTISTRY Breathing is the most important thing you do! Airway Dentistry is the new and growing field that’s focused on the structure of the

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Are you suffering from TMJD?

Headache?Ear Problems?Jaw Clicking?Neck Tension? It could be TMJ Disorder (TMJD) What is the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Feel your TMJ TMJ disorders or TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint

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What is Sleep? What happens when we are asleep? During Sleep, our brain mainly juggles between five stages of Sleep ⦁ N-REM (Non- Rapid Eye

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