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Welcome to Oraface Dental Hospital, your premier dental care provider in Rajkot. We take pride in offering top-notch dental services that cater to the needs of individuals and families alike. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver exceptional oral care for every patient who walks through our doors.

Services We Provide:

  1. Myofunctional Therapy Near Me: Our dental hospital offers specialized myofunctional therapy to address issues related to the muscles and functions of the face, tongue, and airway. This therapy helps in correcting improper oral habits and ensures the overall health of your oral structures.
  2. Tongue Tie Provider Near Me: We are your trusted tongue tie provider in Rajkot, equipped to diagnose and treat tongue tie conditions in both children and adults. Our experts use advanced techniques to ensure maximum comfort and effective results.
  3. Pediatric Dentist Near Me: At Oraface Dental Hospital, we understand the unique dental needs of children. Our compassionate pediatric dentists create a friendly and stress-free environment, ensuring a positive dental experience for your little ones.
  4. Dental Implants: Regain your smile and confidence with our premium dental implant services. Our skilled implant specialists offer precise implant placements and use high-quality materials for long-lasting results.
  5. Wisdom Tooth Removal: If you’re experiencing discomfort or pain due to impacted wisdom teeth, our experienced dental team can safely and efficiently perform wisdom tooth removal procedures, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.
  6. TMJ Disorder Treatment: We offer comprehensive TMJ disorder treatments to alleviate jaw pain, headaches, and discomfort caused by temporomandibular joint disorders. Our personalized therapies aim to restore proper jaw function and comfort.
  7. Best Kids Dentistry: As one of the best kids’ dentistry centers in Rajkot, we focus on early oral care and preventive measures for children. Our gentle and friendly approach ensures your child’s dental health from a young age.
  8. Sleep Dentist: If you suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders or snoring issues, our sleep dentistry services can help. Our experts tailor solutions to improve your sleep quality and overall well-being.
  9. Cosmetic Dentistry: Enhance your smile with our cosmetic dentistry solutions. From teeth whitening to veneers and smile makeovers, we offer personalized treatments to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.
  10. Root Canal: Our skilled endodontists perform root canal treatments with precision, effectively saving damaged teeth from extraction and preserving your natural smile.
  11. Breastfeeding Support: We understand the challenges of breastfeeding for mothers with infants who have oral issues. Our dental hospital offers expert support and guidance to improve breastfeeding experiences.

Why Choose Oraface Dental Hospital?

  • Dental Hospital Near Me: Conveniently located in Rajkot, we are easily accessible to cater to all your dental needs.
  • Affordable Dental Hospital: We believe that quality dental care should be accessible to everyone, and our services are priced competitively.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services: Dental emergencies can happen anytime. Our dental hospital provides round-the-clock emergency care to address urgent oral health concerns promptly.
  • Multispecialty Dental Hospital: With a team of specialized dentists, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments for all your dental requirements.
  • Modern Technology and Equipment: Oraface Dental Hospital is equipped with the latest dental technology and advanced equipment to ensure efficient and effective treatments.
  • Reputed for Dental Implants: Our dental implant services have garnered a reputation for excellence, making us a trusted choice for dental implants in Rajkot.


At Oraface Dental Hospital, we are committed to delivering exceptional dental care using modern techniques and a patient-centric approach. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your oral health and overall well-being. Experience the difference with Oraface Dental Hospital, the best dental hospital in Rajkot, where your smile is our priority.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and embark on a journey towards a healthier, brighter smile. Remember, your dental health is in good hands at Oraface Dental Hospital!


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