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Airway Dentistry

Airway Dentistry Breathing is the most important thing you do! Airway Dentistry is the new and growing field that’s focused on the structure of the mouth and howthat impacts breathing. Its not based on just about fixing a disease but rather treating it from the rootcause and preventing it from happening. The air you breathe …

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Tongue Ties

Tongue Ties If you stand in front of the mirror and lift your lip, you will find a string of tissue between your gums and lips. Now, if you lift your Tongue up you will find a similar string of tissue running underneath your tongue. A similar string of tissue is also present beneath our …

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Tongue Ties in Adults

Tongue Ties in Adults As a child grows, the initial symptoms of Tongue Tie may change its Form but never really disappear. As an Airway Dentist and Myofunctional Therapist, we always strive towards helping our patients breathe and sleep better. Unfortunately, Tongue Ties drastically affect these two areas and they are among the first pillars …

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