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Airway Dentistry

Airway Dentistry

Breathing is the most important thing you do!

Airway Dentistry is the new and growing field that’s focused on the structure of the mouth and how
that impacts breathing. Its not based on just about fixing a disease but rather treating it from the root
cause and preventing it from happening.

The air you breathe supplies your body with the most important nutrient that you need to survive,
function and thrive, ie, Oxygen.

The BACK of The FACE is the AIRWAY! Hence, improper growth and development of the face and
structures of the mouth can compromise the airway patency and collapse the wind pipe. This in
general, will result in dysfunctional breathing and less oxygen supply to every cell in the body putting
it under huge stress.

The body working under stress in long term may not be able to perform well and that severely affects
the growth and development of an individual, risking the body to various life-threatening diseases
early on in life like those of Cardiovascular disease, Stroke, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Obstructive
Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Digestive issues, TMJ issues, Migraine, Headaches, Pain, other
Neurodegenerative disorders and many more.

How can an Airway Dentist help?

An airway aware dentist knows how to identify underdevelopment of the mouth and jaws, as well as
what signs and symptoms to look for that may indicate a breathing or sleep disorder. An airway
dentist understands and respects the relationship between oral health and systemic health, and how
underdeveloped mouth and airway structures can wreak havoc throughout the body. Breathing is life,
and not getting enough air (A.K.A. oxygen) into the body can be detrimental to overall health and
quality of life. By using the airway-centered approach to dental care, an airway dentist can identify the
underlying structural cause of a sleep or airway issue and resolve symptoms.


Our smile is connected to our airway
  • When the jaws develop properly, the teeth have room to fall into place and create a nice smile with a healthy bite relationship. The jaw has the opportunity to develop well with proper breathing habits. A healthy airway starts with nasal breathing. This is accomplished with lips sealed and our tongues resting on the roof of our mouth. One of these habits could be compromised by a functional limitation due to anatomy. While catching these early is ideal, there are solutions available regardless of age to increase the quality of life through a better airway.


If you Breathe Well, you will Sleep Well
  • Quality sleep breathing is essential for proper growth and development as well as overall systemic health. If airway health is compromised, the quantity and quality of deep sleep is affected. Deep sleep is where the brain detoxes and the body repairs tissues, builds bone & muscle and the immune system is strengthened.
  • Chronic damage to sleep may present itself in the form of various diseases affecting the major organs of the body.
The Benefits of Nasal Breathing
  • The nose has many functions that contribute to the quality of oxygen that we breathe. It is the first line of defense against sickness by filtering allergens, bacteria and toxins. The nose also secretes nitric oxide which has tremendous beneficial actions including increasing blood flow and lung volume.
  • Nasal breathing also helps the jaws to grow well upto its optimum genetic potential, wide and forward.
Frequent Cough/Cold and Improper Jaw growth
  • If you sleep or sit with your mouth open, chances are that you are breathing through your mouth. Unlike Nose, our Mouth doesn’t have the filters to clean the air we breathe in, this results in breathing in a lot of bacteria, fungus, parasites into the lungs causing infection, swelling of adenoids and tonsils and frequent cough and cold.
Mouth Breathing can change the shape of your face
  • For a better growth of the face, It is important that we breathe through our nose at all times with Tongue resting at the roof of the mouth everytime except during talking, eating and yawning.
  • Look what happens to our face when we breathe through our nose, versus, when we breathe through our Mouth.
Nasal Breather
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Look What happens to the face when you breathe through your mouth
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Frequent Headache, Migraine and Jaw joint pain can have an Airway/Sleep Connection
  • All the muscles of our body are interconnected to each other through a connective tissue called “Fascia”. Tongue position and Nasal Breathing plays a major role in maintain the balance of our entire system.
  • Poor jaw growth and oral muscle function may lead to improper breathing, less oxygen supply to the cells and choking of the airway during sleep. When there is choking of airway in deep sleep, as a defensive measure body tries the push the jaws forward to open up the wind pipe for more air. This puts a lot of pressure on the Jaw Joint, the pain of which may be referred to the head, neck, teeth and shoulders.
  • As a DOMINO effect, an improper muscle function of the mouth & face ultimately leads to Pain in several forms like that of Headache, Migraine, Shoulder pain etc.
Breastfeeding problems in infants and mothers
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  • Breastfeeding problems can all be corrected if intervened timely.
  • For a baby to suckle at the breast well and draw milk effectively, a proper TONGUE function is mandatory.
  • Nipple pain during feeding, Mastitis, Bruises/Blisters in Nipples, Gassy/Coilcky baby, Poor weight gain in babies, frequent spit ups in babies etc are few of the many commonly seen symptoms in babies with poor Tongue function and Tongue/Lip Ties.
  • Latch correction with an IBCLC, Bodywork, Tongue Tie release and Myofunctional Therapy of the tongue and mouth may help you and your baby have a beautiful breastfeeding journey.
Picky eating in children – a sign of poor Oral Muscle function
  • Children with poor oral muscle function and Tongue ties show a lot of symptoms of picky eating, messy eating, dribbling food, pouching of food, slow eating etc. This is mostly because of a combination of sensory-motor issues and tongue and mouth muscles being unable to carry food on both the sides of the jaws for chewing.
  • These children may usually not chew their food well and also have poor swallowing which may require liquids in between meals to facilitate swallow.
Delayed Speech and Poor Body Posture
  • Tongue is super important in forming sounds and pronouncing words and letters.
  • Many children with Poor Tongue function and Tongue Ties present with delayed onset of speech, speech clarity or other speech issues.
  • Forward head posture, drooping shoulders, bent spine, humped neck – is a result of the body trying to compensate itself to get enough air when the anatomy doesn’t allow it.
FUN FACTS : Tongue is connected all the way to our toes
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Frequent Oral diseases may be due to Poor Oral Muscle function
  • Mouth Breathing results in bad breath, frequent cavities, gums swelling, dryness of mouth, burning mouth etc.


An airway focused dentist can assess the airway and help to determine if there are deficiencies in growth or airflow.  We evaluate your facial structures and symmetry, arch development, the soft tissues (including lips, tongue & throat), as well as the dentition.  If discrepancies are noted, we can help to  guide you through the appropriate treatment. In children, growth can be influenced through early intervention.  Adults have many options as well when it comes to improving the airway.  The goal is for health and wellness through optimal breathing and sleep.

If this intrigued you and you have got questions, feel free to contact us and book a consultation with us to know more about your health and Mouth & Airway connection, as well as how we can help you and your children towards having a healthier future and better looking face.

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