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Painless Root Canal Treatment at Oraface Dental Hospital, Rajkot

Are you experiencing pain in tooth affecting your sleep routines and daily lifestyle? or Have a large decay in your tooth? Well, A Root Canal may be the answer

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What is a Root Canal

A Root Canal procedure is cleaning of the diseased roots of the teeth and packing it with a solid medicated material so as to make it symptom free.


It is usually done when the decay has reached the nerve of the tooth causing pain, swelling etc.

When is a Root Canal done?

  • An infected tooth may cause pain, swelling, pus or even spread to surrounding areas of head and neck leading to severe complications.
  • So, if you’re experiencing toothaches severe or mild affecting your daily lifestyles or even causing sleep disturbances, its high time you meet our Root Canal Specialists for an expert opinion.
  • Further, if you ever noticed any swelling on your face or in your mouth or even any pus discharge. Report immediately to our Specialist.
  • Many times, the infections can be prevented and the tooth be saved if reported at the right time by Root Canal Procedures.

Benefits of Root Canal Procedure

  • Since, Root Canal Procedures are known for arresting the spread of infection it not only saves your oral but also Overall Health. 
  • We believe in saving the Natural Teeth as far as possible. So, if a Root Canal Procedure is indicated for you, its basically giving your dental health a second chance!

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Is Root canal Painful?

Maximum of the procedures including Root Canal is sone under local anaesthesia. This numbs the nerves of your tooth, while you’re wide awake and conscious and the procedure becomes absolutely PAINLESS. 

How long does a root canal procedure usually take?

Root Canal can be done in a single 90 minute sitting or multiple appointments. Although, there is no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to treatment planning. It may vary from each patient. Our Root Canal specialists ensure your treatment finishes in as few visits as possible. We do what’s BEST for You!

Does getting Root Canal done guarantee me a lifetime symptom free tooth?

After a Root Canal is done, our specialists will finish off with a dental crown or an aesthetic restoration, improving the durability, function and the look of your tooth. Overtime, the prognosis depends on your maintenance. Keeping your oral hygiene good is a priority and failing to do that, may even fail any treatment done in the mouth.

How much does it it cost to get a Root Canal done?

The cost depends according to your treatment needs. Our specialists guide you through every detail of your treatment planning ayongwith the cost factor in crisp.

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